Focus On Freeze Dryers

In 2000, we established our manufacturing facility in North China. Since then we have been manufacturing quality vacuum freeze drying equipment.

In 2012 we realized that we needed a dedicated division to focus on the freeze dryer and lyophilizer category of our business, which resulted in the establishment of Vekuma Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Over the past tens years, Vekuma engaged in the development of freeze drying machines from lab to production scale. We close cooperate with our users, create feasible solutions to meet any of their specific intent.

  • Production Area: 12000 sq.m

  • Production Plant: 4

  • Employees: 118

  • Engineers: 12

We have a first class team, with more than 20 professional engineers, designers, and technicians for assisting your project. The goal is to help you get right equipment, right solution on long-term benefits basis.

Moreover, Vekuma is one of only a few factories that can provide freeze drying solutions from lab to production.

Innovative Technology

At Vekuma, we invest heavily for research and development every year. More than 10 innovations and patents on our products.

We know freeze drying and know how to integrate our freeze dryers with the latest research findings into your production line. Guarantee your productivity and create value.

And we continuously seek to improve the quality of our machines, the services of our offerings, and the strength of our solutions.

Flexible Production

Different users face different challenges, and it is true that almost all freeze dryers are tailor-made to meet user’s demand. That’s also what we are after and effort. Vikumer is commitment to provide customized freeze drying solution to fit users’ specific intent.

We set various departments in our factory to facilitate a close cooperation, to ensure a high degree of flexibility in terms of designing, production planning, quality control and inspection.

Meet Your Demands

Our knowledge and experiences in various industry fields allow us to design a system that meet your specific application. And guarantee the freeze dry system stability and reliability.

You have a URS or machine sketch, we can design the machine and give suggestions of system optimization.

Core Value

Designing customized freeze drying solutions for a wide range of applications is one of our core competencies. Our skilled engineers and solutions architects have extensive expertise in designing a system that matches the individual application 100%.

Choosing a new freeze dryer is tough. Often, its purchase price is one of the deciding factors. But solely considering the initial cost is not enough to make an informed decision. Keep in mind that your freeze drying equipment will use for many years, its output stability and reliability directly influence your turnover and business growth.

Vikumer never compromise on quality or purely chase for low price to win orders. We are good at finding a balance point between quality and price. To minimum your investment and maximum your return. Basically speaking, we care your long-term benefits.