Vekuma designs, produces and services a broad range of industrial freeze dryers to accommodate a variety of commercial applications and production capacities. Our production scale freeze drying machines offer an almost unlimited amount of application possibilities to meet any of your lyophilization needs.

Vikumer FDL series general purpose freeze dryers are designed to dry bulk materials, the range freeze drying equipment fit a wide range of industry applications include bacteria, yogurt, nutrient, probiotics, reagents.

  • Shelves Area: 5.25 to 50m2.
  • Condenser Capacity: 50 to 500Kgs/24Hrs.

General Purpose Freeze Dryer

Vekuma’s FDLS freeze dryers are designed for industrial large production of bio and pharmaceutical products. Typically applications include vaccines, antibiotics, serum, penicillin, hormones and reagents.

  • Shelves Area: 1.08 to 40.5m2.
  • Condenser Capacity: 10 to 400Kgs/24Hrs.

Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

The FDR series freeze dryer are designed to perform food freeze drying. Typical applications include fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, soup, dairy, candy, nutrient and health care products.

  • Shelves Area: 4.86 to 206m2.
  • Condenser Capacity: 50 to 2000Kgs/24Hrs.

Food Freeze Dryer


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Solid Product You Can Trust

If you need a commercial freeze dryer for your industrial plant, you are most likely looking for a robust freeze drying unit with the reliability and dependability to perform complex lyophilization processes that are accurate controlled and recorded. When an industrial freeze dryer is put into service, stability and repeatability are critical to ensure the lyophilizer not vary the freeze dried quality. Vekuma freeze dryers are known for their high performance with superior temperature uniformity, guarantee the consistent freeze drying results between batches.

Experience On Almost All Industries

As one of the top manufacturers of freeze dryers and lyophilizers in China, Vekuma has been leading the industry over 20 years, our experiences accumulated in the field enable we can always deliver you the right freeze drying solutions. Our team of experts will guide you step by step, towards to the success of equipment selection and system configuration. Free consultation! Contact us today!

Built As Per Needs

Each user faces a different set of situations and the freeze drying machine designed must be able to adapt to the requirements. Sometimes a standard freeze dryer will do the job and sometimes it takes a customized solution. What matters the most is that the solution matches your specific requirements and is economical. Vekuma has a skilled team of engineers and sales representatives that will assist you in finding the right freeze drying solutions.

Long-term Benefits

Choosing a new freeze dryer is tough. Often, its purchase price is one of the deciding factors. But solely considering the initial cost is not enough to make an informed decision. Vekuma, as a known freeze drying equipment manufacturer, we have focused all our efforts in developing smart solutions that provide tangible benefits in terms of the efficiency and productivity of our freeze dry systems, and have been proudly trusted by over 400 users.

Uncompromising to Quality

Only the best and strongest materials and components are used in our products so that you can rest assured that your freeze drying equipment is able to withstand the industry heavy use 7*24*365. We perform strict quality and performance test on all products in our factory to ensure that only the qualified freeze dryers can be sent to customers.