The Right Machine Selection Guarantees Success Business

Freeze drying project is a systematic project. While an idea generated, it will go through lab investigation, small trial production, and finally commercial mass production.

This flow chart, guarantees you always in the right direction of freeze drying technology investment. When we invest a new technology, we should play it safe, is it?

FD Product Developing Flowchart

Lab Research Stage

You can either select a benchtop freeze dryer for small volumes samples preserve; or a freestanding model that with heated shelf which capable of precise control shelves temperaure and vacuum degree. Both of them provide robust technical features and lots of accessories/functions option.

Laboratory Freeze Dryer
Pilot Production Freeze Dryer

Pilot Production Stage

For trial production, the freeze dryer machine capacity mostly between 5kgs~20kgs, and it should has similar characters as the production ones, because pilot production units mainly use to prepare technology transfer. Our BFD series freeze dryers were designed especially to fit such purpose.

Commercial Production

Commercial and industrial mass production is the final goal of freeze drying business. Vekuma engineered and manufactured several series freeze drying equipment for industrial large production. Apply to pharmaceutical, food, nutriceutical, chemical and bio-pharma sector. Capacity up to 500kgs per load.

Production Freeze Dryer