Vekuma’s FD series industrial freeze dryers are designed to accommodate commercial large production. We are able to create freeze drying solutions for any applications and production capacities to meet your production needs. The FD series industrial large capacity freeze drying equipment are designed and manufactured in our North China factory, solid quality at moderate price, have been trusted by 400+ customers worldwide.

Designing customized freeze drying solutions for a wide range of industrial applications is one of our core competencies. Our 500+ installations have been proved that, we have ability to create solutions for all industries.

General Purpose Freeze Dryer

The FDL series general purpose freeze dryers are designed for a wide range of industrial applications include bacterias, yogurt, nutrient, probiotics, enzymes and heat sensitive ingredients. Products are loaded and dried in trays. Batch loading volume up to 500Kgs which is ideal for commercial mass production.

General Purpose Freeze Dryer

The FDLC series freeze drying machine is an expansion of FDL series. Same technical features and same application fields, but they are engineered single chamber system: Vapor collect coils are exposed directly beneath shelves. Because of the internal ice condenser which reduces production cost, so, this range freeze dryers come with economic prices.

Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

The FDLS series freeze dryers are GMP compliant equipment that designed specifically for industrial production of a range of biological and pharmaceutical products. Typically applications include vaccines, antibiotics, serum, penicillin, hormones and reagents. Products are loaded and dried in vials, later in place capping under vacuum environment.

Food Freeze Dryer

The FDR series freeze dryers are designed to perform food freeze dry. Typical applications include fruits, vegetables, prepared meals, pet food, dairy, candy and snacks. These freeze drying machines are commercial heavy duty, large capacity and suit industrial 7*24 working.