Lab Freeze Dryers

Vekuma laboratory freeze dryers have been perfected version after version to deliver higher performance on a smaller footprint with robust technical features. The range freeze dryers are solid quality to perform lab samples freeze dry and basic research processes.

  • Type: Benchtop or floor model.

  • Condenser: Up to 11Kgs.

  • Condenser Temp.: -55C/-80C/-120C.

Laboratory Freeze Dryer
Pilot Production Freeze Dryer

Pilot Freeze Dryers

Vikumer’s BFD series pilot freeze dryers combine many of the features of large freeze dry systems. Capable of in-place freezing and drying products inside freeze dryer machine, and precise control freeze drying processes such as shelves temperature, vacuum degree, automatic freeze dry and data recording.

  • Shelves Area: Up to 2.8m2.

  • Condenser Capacity: Up to 50Kgs.

General Purpose Freeze Dryers

Vikumer FDL series general purpose freeze dryers are a line of commercial freeze dryers that designed for a wide range of industrial bulk lyophilization applications. Ideal for large quantities of products freeze drying in trays. Typical applications include bacterial, yogurt, nutrient, probiotics and reagents.

  • Shelves Area: Up to 50m2.

  • Condenser Capacity: Up to 800Kgs.

General Purpose Freeze Dryer
Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

Pharmaceutical Lyophilizers

Vekuma’s FDLS freeze dryers are GMP compliant equipment that designed especially for industrial production of a range of pharmaceutical products. Typically applications include vaccines, antibiotics, serum, penicillin, hormones and reagents which are loaded in vials.

  • Shelves Area: Up to 30m2.
  • Condenser Capacity: Up to 600Kgs.

Food Freeze Dryers

The FDR series freeze dryer fits commercial and industrial large production, designed to perform food freeze dry. Typical applications include fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, soup, dairy, candy, nutrient and health care products freeze drying.

  • Shelves Area: Up to 200m2.

  • Condenser Capacity: Up to 3300Kgs.

Food Freeze Dryer


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Solid Product You Can Trust

If you need a commercial freeze dryer for your industrial plant, you are most likely looking for a robust freeze drying unit with the reliability and dependability to perform complex lyophilization processes that are accurate controlled and recorded. When an industrial freeze dryer is put into service, stability and repeatability are critical to ensure the lyophilizer not vary the freeze dried quality. Vekuma freeze dryers are known for their high performance with superior temperature uniformity, guarantee the consistent freeze drying results between batches.

What Is A Freeze Dryer?

Freeze dryers are air tight equipment that use to dry products under vacuum environment. A complete freeze drying plant include sub-systems of product chamber, ice condenser, vacuum pumps, refrigeration system and control system. They are available in a range of capacities and configurations.

A freeze dryer is used in in a wide variety of industries including commercial manufacturing, pharmaceutical lyophilization, biological freeze drying, chemical processing and laboratory R&D. Common apply to bio-pharma, probiotics, food, fruits, vegetables, enzymes, bacteria, nutrient and vaccines.

How Freeze Drying Works?

Freeze drying current is the only method to deliver stable, biologically active products with a long shelf life. In pharmaceutical industry it is called lyophilization. Freeze drying (lyophilization) works by freezing the raw material, and then place them into the air tight drying chamber, to enable the frozen water in raw material to sublimate directly from solid to gas. Since freeze drying not involve liquid phase which need high temperature to evaporate, so, freeze dry actually is a low temperature dehydration method, products to be dried without being degraded.

How Vekuma Helps?

Vekuma is a leading freeze drying machines manufacturer with a wide range of freeze dryers and lyophilizers designs to accommodate a variety of applications and production capacities. Our freeze dryers are known for superior quality, robust technical features, accuracy processes control of temperature and vacuum, and consistent, repeatable freeze drying results, with its solid build quality and design.