GMP Freeze Dryer Installation2022-06-13T06:13:34+00:00

By user or by Vekuma (Paid service).

  • Connections: Power cable introduce to freeze dryer electric cabinet; Condenser defrost water supply and defrosted water draining; Compressor chilled water pipe connect, Compressed air supply; CIP water supply, SIP steam supply.
Pilot Production Freeze Dryers Delivery Time2022-06-13T05:26:45+00:00

60~80 days.

Lab Pilot Freeze Dryers Packing2024-05-30T05:56:49+00:00

In plywood cases.

GMP Freeze Dryers Packing2024-05-30T05:55:59+00:00

Freeze dryer nude in container. Parts in plywood cases. Overheight parts may dismount before it is shipped, such as hydraulic cylinder, fluid expansion tank, condenser isolation valve etc.

Vekuma Freeze Dryers Warranty2022-06-13T06:24:03+00:00

12 months warranty for all Vekuma freeze dryers.

Condenser Temperature Options2024-05-30T05:51:08+00:00
  • -35C, -55C, -80C, -120C
  • S/S304, S/S316L, Anodized aluminum alloy, PTFE coated.
  • Freeze dryers customization: Functions, Overall size restrict, Parts brand, Materials, System performance, Documents, Validation packages etc.
  • Pre-sales communication and after sale services. 24hrs trouble shooting guarantee.
  • Permanent technical support for all Vekuma freeze dryers.
  • Spare parts support in machine lifetime.
Food Freeze Dryers Packing2024-05-30T05:56:52+00:00

Commercial units FD-5R to FD-30R.

  • Plug and Play deliver by 1pc. Freeze dryer nude in container, parts in plywood cases.

Industrial units FD-50R to FD-200R.

  • Deliver by pieces, assemble in user factory. Freeze dryer cover by rain proof film on 40 flat Container, sub-systems and parts nude in sea containers.
  • Lab freeze dryers: <5Pa.
  • Pilot production and Industrial lyophilizers: <1Pa.
  • Food freeze drying machines: <15Pa.
Scale-up and Pilot Production Freeze Dryers Installation2024-05-30T06:00:22+00:00

By user.

  • Vekuma pilot production freeze dryers were designed all-include structure. User only need connect electric (and compressed air and compressor chilling water in some case).
Lab Benchtop Freeze Dryers Installation2022-06-13T06:13:43+00:00

By user.

  • Vekuma lab freeze dryers contain 3 main parts: Freeze dryer, Drying chamber and Vacuum pump. Vacuum pump and freeze dryer connection is by a vacuum hose and 2 quick connectors. Drying chamber install is by simply put it on freeze dryer. User can assemble it within 10 minutes.
Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers Auxiliaries2024-05-30T05:57:34+00:00
  1. Compressed air.
  2. CIP water.
  3. SIP steam.
  4. Compressor chilled water/cooling tower and supplementary water.
  5. Condenser defrosting water supply.
  6. Defrosted water draining system.
  7. 380V electric supply.
Food Freeze Dryers Installation2024-05-30T05:58:31+00:00

Commercial freeze dryers FD-5R to FD-30R

  • By user or by Vekuma. Plug and play deliver, only need connect electric, compressor chilling water and compressed air to put it into service.

Industrial freeze dryers FD-50R to FD-200R

  • By Vekuma engineers. Service includes installation, worker training and system debug.


Shelf Temperature Options2024-05-30T05:52:03+00:00
  • -25C, -35C, -55C, -65C to +100C.
Food Freeze Dryers Auxiliaries2024-05-30T05:56:42+00:00
  1. Compressed air.
  2. Compressor chilled water/cooling tower and supplementary/tap water.
  3. Condenser defrosting water supply.
  4. Defrosted water draining system.
  5. 380V electric supply.
  6. Steam boiler for shelves heating.
Food Freeze Dryers Delivery Time2022-06-13T06:13:51+00:00
  • Commercial range FD-5R to FD-30R: 70 days.
  • Industrial range FD-50R to FD-200R: 120 days.
  • Parallel equipment (e.g. 4*FD-100R): 160 days.
Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers Delivery Time2024-05-30T06:01:05+00:00
  • 90~120 days.
Laboratory Freeze Dryers Delivery Time2024-05-30T06:01:42+00:00
  • 20~30 days.
Payment Terms2024-05-30T05:52:29+00:00

60% prepay.

40% before shipment.

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