Vekuma’s BFD series pilot freeze dryer combines many of the features of large freeze dry systems. Capable automatically freeze dry products and accurately control the freeze drying processes such as shelves temperature and vacuum degree, as well as the data logging functionality.

The outstanding features enable they are versatile enough to handle a range of laboratory applications such as recipe development, process optimization, laboratory R+D, scale-up, clinical trials and small diagnostic production.

The BFD series pilot lyophilizer available in shelf area from 0.47m2 to 2.8m2. Support you from lab investigation until to pilot production. Use only 1 machine to finish lab study, small batch trial and technology transfer. In addition, Vekuma provides a variety of tailored options for your specific needs.

The BFD-10 freeze dryer is designed for pilot production and laboratory R+D applications include cycle development, process optimization, small scale production and batch stability test.

  • Shelves Area: 0.47~0.94m2.

  • Condenser Capacity: 15Kgs/24Hrs.

  • Condenser Temperature: -55C/-80C/-110C.

Pilot Freeze Dryer BFD-10

The BFD-20 pilot production freeze dryer is designed to satisfy commercial small-scale production. It has the similar technical features as commercial larger ones, help your technology transfer and scaling-up easily. Typically apply to bio-pharma, nutrition, chemicals, cosmetics, food and high added value products.

  • Shelves Area: 1.2~2.0m2.
  • Condenser Capacity: 30Kgs/24Hrs.
  • Condenser Temperature: -55C/-80C/-110C.

Pilot Freeze Dryer BFD-20


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