Vacuum freeze dryers are used across a range of industries and research laboratories for dehydration applications, such as commercial bulk production and lab R&D, to process heat sensitive drugs, biologicals, bacterials, enzymes and probiotics, or add value to products such as food, fruits and snacks.

Freeze drying machines typically are designed for batch processing. Vekuma builds high quality freeze dryers of multiple capacities, processing requirements and system performance to meet users’ laboratory and production applications. And as one of the top freeze drying equipment manufacturers in China, we have solutions for all industries.

Laboratory Freeze Dryers

Vekuma’s LGJ series laboratory freeze dryers are designed for research laboratories for simple applications of samples preparation and data acquisition. The range freeze dryers have been perfected version after version to deliver higher performance on a smaller footprint with robust technical features and moderate price.

Pilot Production Freeze Dryers

Vekuma’s BFD freeze dryers are one-size-fits-all solution, fit both laboratories and pilot production plant. These machines have the similar technical features as the commercial larger ones, versatile enough to handle a range of freeze drying tasks such as recipe development, process optimization, laboratory R+D, scale-up, clinical trials and small diagnostic production.

Industrial Freeze Dryers

Vekuma’s FD series industrial freeze dryers are designed to accommodate commercial large production. Freeze drying solutions for a variety of production capacities and application possibilities to meet any of your lyophilization needs.