Each user faces a different set of situations and the freeze drying machine designed must be able to adapt to the requirements. Vekuma team will close cooperate with you, create suitable solutions to meet your production needs. Provide high quality freeze drying equipment with minimum cost.

As a professional manufacturer that have been in the industry over 20 years, Vekuma has ability to provide integrated solutions for your freeze drying. And is one of the only companies in China who can produce full range of freeze dryers from lab to production.

Our solutions provide keep with these in mind: Meet your current demand, as well as future needs, and is on economic basis. In addition, Vekuma provides permanent technical support for all our machines.

Laboratory Freeze Dryers

Laboratory Freeze Drying Solution

Small compact freeze dryers that with minimum footprint to save your valuable laboratory space. Enable investigators dry small volume samples for long-term preservation and later analyze.

Pilot Production Freeze Dryers

Pilot Production Freeze Drying Solution

For advanced research purpose of: freeze drying recipes development, process optimization and small batch trials. Which is the necessary works before clinical trials and commercial production.

Pilot production freeze dryers typically have similar functions and system performance to commercial ones, allowing users to simulate the industrial production environment and prepare for technology transfer.

Industrial Freeze Dryers

Industrial Freeze Drying Solution

Customized freeze drying machines that are designed to accommodate commercial large-scale production. Up to 2000kgs per load per machine and solutions for all industries/application possibilities, to meet any of your lyophilization needs.