Fruit Freeze Drying

Fruit Freeze Drying Examples

Nowadays, lots of freeze dried fruits are selling in market, investigation shows, FD fruits ratio is increasing year by year, which means freeze drying business is growing rapidly. Vekuma, as a well established freeze dryer manufacturer in China, we offer freeze drying equipment from small to large, whatever you are a shop owner or an industrial factory, we have a machine for your business.

Recently, we use our freeze drying machine for a test, so customer can have a real feeling of our equipment. The fruits we are processed include apple, strawberry, lemon, pineapple, banana and mongo. And the machine we use is BFD-20, a pilot freeze dryer that designed for commercial small scale production.

Due to the fact that we are just for a test, so we mixed them in a single batch which is not recommended when for industrial production. But after export drying data via USB and analyze in PC, these fruits have different drying time.

Drying Results and Pictures

Freeze Dried Apple
Apple Freeze Drying
Freeze Dried Strawberry
Strawberry Freeze Drying
Freeze Dried Pineapple
Pineapple Freeze Drying
Freeze Dried Mongo
Mongo Freeze Drying
Freeze Dried Lemon
Lemon Freeze Drying
Freeze Dried Banana
Banana Freeze Drying

Fresh and Freeze Dried Fruit Compare

Conclusion: Freeze dried fruits appearance is very close to fresh ones; Taste like concentrated; Excellent rehydration within 2 minutes; Drying duration for the tested fruits are between 18 to 24hrs.

Fresh Fruit Before Freeze Drying
Fresh Fruits Load in Freeze Dryer
Freeze Dried Fruits
Freeze Dried Fruits in Freeze Dryer
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