Vacuum freeze drying perfect fit food preservation. Make it light weight, easy to store and transport. Freeze-dried foods have tons of benefits than other dehydration method which use high temperature. Such as great vitamin, color, flavor and nutrition protect, and freeze dried food no shrink taste as fresh.

Consumers can eat directly, or by simply add water to reconstitute it. In market, you can easily find freeze dried food like fruit, vegetables, dairy, cooked meals, Soup, Porridge, Noodles, Instant Coffee, Meat, Seafood etc.

Typically, freeze dried food moisture contains less than 3%, which means they are very light weight and easy to carry. The ultra low moisture contain stops microbial activities and ensure a super long shelf life. Normally, freeze dried food shelf life no less than 5 years, and up to 25 years.

Additional, freeze dried food don’t need to be refrigerated or preserve with chemicals. No critical storage environment request, just at room temperature.

Freeze Dried Food Samples

There are many freeze dried food you can find on market, such as prepared meals, soup, fruit, vegetables, coffee, snacks, nutrient, meat and many more. Here are some examples from our clients.

Choose The Right Food Freeze Dryer

Vekuma manufacturing a full range of food freeze drying machines from small to large. Laboratory unit BFD-10 mainly for food factory laboratories, BFD-20 is designed for small production, and FDR series freeze dryer suit commercial and industrial mass production.

BFD-10 Lab Freeze Dryer

BFD-10 Lab Scale Freeze Dryer

Up to 0.94m2 Shelf Area, 15Kgs/24Hrs Condenser

BFD-20 Pilot Freeze Dryer

BFD-20 Pilot Scale Freeze Dryer

Up to 2.8m2 Shelf Area, 30Kgs/24Hrs Condenser

Commercial Food Freeze Dryer

FDR Commercial Freeze Dryer

Up to 200m2 Shelf Area, 2000Kgs/24Hrs Condenser