Laboratory freeze drying removes water and other solvents gently, to keep samples three dimensions structure and chemical properties. Freeze dried lab samples don’t need to be refrigerated or preserve with chemicals. No critical storage environment request, just at room temperature. So that dried product can be stored easily and stably. When need, freeze dried samples can be quickly reconstituted by simply add water or solvent, offers the possibility of deep analysis. The apply to biopharmaceuticals, biotech products and chemical synthesis, dried without being degraded.

Freeze Dried Lab Samples

Such as Chemicals, biological products, pharmaceuticals, enzymes, yeasts etc.

Choose The Right Lab Freeze Dryer

Vekuma manufactures laboratory freeze dryers, lab lyophilizers, benchtop freeze dryers, cGLP compliant laboratory freeze drying machine. For samples preservation, light to moderate freeze drying, R&D and scale-up.

Benchtop Freeze Dryer

LGJ-10 Benchtop Freeze Dryer

3~4Kgs Water Remove, -55 and -80C Condenser Temperature

Laboratory Freeze Dryer

LGJ-20 Laboratory Freeze Dryer

4~5Kgs Water Remove, -55, -80C and -120C Condenser Temperature

BFD-10 Lab Freeze Dryer

BFD-10 Lab Pilot Freeze Dryer

Up to 0.94m2 Shelf Area, 15Kgs/24Hrs Condenser