LYO-MEGA Control System

The LYO-MEGA controll system was designed to meet 21CFR PART 11 guidelines and GMP regulations. Apply to Vekuma Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers. Capable of precise and flexible control the freeze dry system. The system can works either with a touch screen or through PC software.

  • Based on advanced PLC, PC software or user-friendly HMI.

  • Graphics Page: Alive display system working status.

  • Recipes Page: Freeze drying recipes management and steps program.

  • Curve Page: Real-time freeze drying curve, data. Check or download by batch or time.

  • History Data Page: Curve or data download.

  • Control Page: Automatic and semi-automatic working.

  • Protection Page: Set protections value, debug.

  • Informations: Storage, Alarms, Operation Records, Users and authorization.