BFD-10S Pilot Production Freeze Dryer


The stoppering type BFD-10S pilot freeze dryer is designed to freeze dry bottled products which are loaded in vials. The hydraulic device capable of close the vials under vacuum environment.

Vekuma’s BFD-10 freeze dryer specially fits pharmaceutical and biological laboratories to perform lab research development tasks of: freeze drying cycle development, process optimization, scale-up and small diagnostic production.

Technical Parameters

Model BFD-10 Stoppering
Shelves Area 0.94m2
Shelves No. 6+1
Shelves Size 350*450mm
Shelves Temp. -55C~+70C
Condenser 15Kgs/24Hrs, 30kgs total.
Condenser Temp. -85C
Final Vacuum 0.01mBar
Power Install 8Kw
Size W/1450*D/1200*H/1950mm
Weight 800Kgs
Vials 2R/4R 3528
Vials 6R/8R 1800
Vials 10R/15R 1512

Technical Description

  • All-include body, with casters and height adjustable feet.
  • Inbuilt vacuum pump with oil mist filter.
  • Advanced PLC and user-friendly HMI based control system, LYO-PILOT software.
  • Pressure vessel rated S/S drying chamber.
  • Transparent acrylic chamber door.
  • Cooling and heating shelves from -55C to +70C.
  • Hydraulic stoppering for vials closing, bottom to top.
  • Individually ice condenser with isolation valve, lowest -85C.
  • Transparent acrylic condenser door.
  • Condenser hot gas defrost and auto shut off at +65C.
  • 2 stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump.
  • Pirani type vacuum sensor.
  • Vacuum final 0.01mbar and is adjustable.
  • Air cooled, cascade compressor system.
  • Documents and validation package include in standard offer.

System Performance

  • Chamber inner wall roughness Ra<0.6um
  • Shelves flatness <0.5mm/m
  • Shelves roughness Ra<0.4um
  • Shelf cooling: +20C ~ -40C <60min
  • Cooling final: -55C (+/-2C)
  • Shelf heating: -40C ~ +20C <60min
  • Heating final: +70C (+/-1.5C)
  • Condenser inner wall roughness Ra<0.6um
  • Condenser coils roughness Ra<0.4um
  • Condenser cooling: RT ~ -40C <30min
  • Condenser final: -85C
  • Defrosting: <60Min
  • Vacuum final: <1Pa


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