Laboratory Freeze Dryers

Brief Introduction

Vikumer laboratory freeze dryers are designed to satisfy daily freeze drying tasks and samples preservation demand in R&D laboratories, research institutes and universities.

  • Machine Structure: Benchtop, Console.

  • Condenser Capacity: 3Kgs to 11Kgs.
  • Condenser Temperature: -55C, -80C, -120C.

Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Technical Details

Vekuma manufactures benchtop freeze dryers, lab freeze dryers, scientific freeze dryers and lyophilizers. They are ideal for application processes such as samples preservation, freeze drying research, development and investigation works. For processes that involve temperature and pressure control, we offer heated shelves option and vacuum regulate kit to meet application requirements.

Vekuma laboratory freeze dryers are produced in our North China factory, designed to be simple to operate, long lasting, and robust technical performance. These lyophilizers have been perfected over time by listening to our customer’s feedback and making key changes and improvements where needed.

Maximum Versatility For Small Laboratory Spaces

Vekuma lab freeze dryers feature benchtop or floor type console system which delivers minimum footprint and robust technical performance that can rapidly cool the ice condenser to its minimum temperature within 15 minutes. An upright ice condenser is installed for raw product pre-freeze or vapors collect during sublimation; a range of accessories can be connected to the ice condenser to complement the freeze dryer functions.

All our LGJ series lab freeze dryers are equipped with replaceable drying chamber to fit materials drying in different containers (trays, vials, flasks, ampoules etc.), the drying chamber replacement is by simply remove and put.

Dependability is The Key

When you are looking for a freeze dryer for your laboratory, you are most likely looking for a small freeze dryer with the versatility to perform simple processes such as samples lyophilization to accommodate the long-term storage that are recorded for later analyze. If you use the lab freeze dryer for academic research, stability and repeatability are critical to ensure the consistent results, otherwise it may screw up your scientific paper. Vekuma laboratory lyophilizers are known for their high performance and superior quality, to guarantee your R&D schedule.

LYO-LAB V2.0 Controller

For a laboratory freeze drying unit which is not that complex, its control system has to be as simple as possible, so that researchers can quick start lyophilization tasks, or even for untrained investigators. All Vekuma LGJ series laboratory freeze dryers are featured LYO-LAB V2.0 control system, a microprocessor-based controller with 7” touch screen. There are 3 areas in the screen

  • Graphic Zone takes the largest sector, it real-time shows temperature readings of condenser and product temperature, along with the vacuum degree.
  • Control Zone is located in the bottom of the screen, large buttons to control compressor and vacuum pump working and condenser defrosting.
  • Function Zone is located in the right side of the screen, user can rapid enter sub-pages of system setting, debugging and sensors calibration, real-time drying curve, and data download.
LGJ Laboratory Freeze Dryer Controller LYO-LAB V2.0 Interface

A Wide Range of Accessories

Sometimes a standard laboratory lyophilizer is versatile enough to handle a range of lab R&D tasks, sometimes you may need a customized freeze drying solution to fit your specific intent. Vekuma offers rich accessories and options to satisfy process-critical freeze drying activities, what remains is the consistent freeze drying results.

Accessories of drying chamber:

  • Standard drying chamber.
  • Stoppering drying chamber.
  • Standard drying chamber with 8 manifolds (for flasks).
  • Stoppering drying chamber with 8 manifolds (for flasks).
  • 24 or 48 manifolds rack (for ampoules).
  • 8, 12, 16 or 24 manifolds rack (for flasks).
  • Rubber valves for round bottom flask.
  • Rubber valves for wide neck flask.
  • Rubber valves for ampoules


  • S/S316L condenser.
  • -55C or -80C condenser.
  • -120C condenser (for LGJ-20 series).
  • PTFE coated condenser.
  • S/S316L shelves and trays.
  • Heated shelves (for LGJ-20 series).
  • Oil sealed vacuum pump.
  • Dry vacuum pump.
  • Hybrid vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum regulate kit.
  • Eutectic point detector.

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