Freeze Dryers

Freeze Dryers

Freeze dryers and lyophilizers are the machines that create conditions to process vacuum freeze drying (a low temperature dehydration technology known as sublimation). In pharmaceutical and biological area, people call it lyophilization. Freeze drying removes water by freezing the products, and then place them in a vacuum chamber, the solid water in product will sublimate direct to vapors, without passing through water phase. Nowadays, freeze drying has been applied in many industries, for research or technology promotion.

Vekuma is a China based manufacturer who focus on freeze dryers. We supply a comprehensive range of freeze drying equipment that can be addressed to all industrial fields. Meet lyophilization needs from laboratory research to commercial production. Here are some standard models from us, however, tailor-made is welcome.

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Vikumer laboratory freeze dryers are designed to satisfy daily freeze drying tasks and samples preservation demand in R&D laboratories, research institutes and universities.

Vikumer pilot production freeze dryers are designed for small diagnostic production, laboratory R&D and scale-up purpose.
The range lyophilizers provide up to 3m2 trays area and 50Kgs ice condenser capacity.

Vikumer’s pharmaceutical freeze dryers are GMP lyophilizers that can be addressed to all pharmaceutical and biology industries. Freeze drying materials in trays, vials or glass containers. Shelf area up to 50m2 and condenser capacity up to 800kgs.

General purpose freeze dryer perfect fit lyophilize bulk materials, such as valuable drugs, API, bacterial, enzymes, probiotics and heat sensitive ingredients. The range freeze dryers come with rectangular drying chamber, which ensure highest space using rate and maximum shelves temperature uniformity, which equals high freeze dried quality.

Vikumer’s food freeze dryer machines are designed specially for commercial and industrial large scale production, and it suits freeze drying a wide range of products include fruits, vegetables, cooked meals, herbs, pet food, coffee and meat.

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