Food Freeze Dryers

Brief Introduction

Vikumer’s food freeze dryer machines are designed for commercial and industrial large scale production. Capable of freeze drying fruits, vegetables, cooked meals, herbs, pet food, coffee and meat.

  • Shelf Area: 4.86 to 206m2.
  • Condenser Capacity: 50Kgs to 2000Kgs/24Hrs.
Food Freeze Dryer

Technical Details

The FDR freeze dryers are designed to perform food freeze dry, typically applications include fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, soup, dairy, candy, nutrient and health care products freeze drying. Vekuma designs and manufactures quality commercial freeze dryers to ensure industrial ruggedness, excellent and constant freeze dried results, and high performance.

The food freeze dryer machines produced by Vekuma are available in capacity from 50kgs to 2000kgs, batch production, short duration and process repeatable. Small to medium capacity FD-5R to FD-30R optional with stainless steel and aluminum alloy material, conductive heating and radiative heating. Large production freeze drying plant FD-50R to FD-200R is equipped with aluminum alloy shelf modules and radiative heating method.

Reliable and Low Maintenance Cost

Vekuma’s commercial and industrial scale freeze dryers are superior quality and well-known in China market for 2 decades. High-performing and solidly built, and with unbeatable features of constant freeze dried quality between batches due to its solid quality and designs to ensure uniform temperature.

We know that your freeze dryer has to be dependable to support the good running of your business, and it has to be energy saving, to reduce your production cost. Vekuma uses its knowledge in the field and produced high quality food lyophilizers that you can rely on, boost your business health growth.

Advanced Control System

High advanced PLC and user-friendly touch screen HMI is applied to all our FDR freeze dryers. To control all the machine functions, performs all interlock checks, and generates processes and device alarms. Capable of automatic execute the freeze drying steps you are programmed, monitoring system running status and protect your freeze dry system all the time.

The control system has been pre-programmed a bunch of protection logic such as: System auto shut down if chamber pressure not reduce; Vacuum pump will not active if condenser temperature not reach set, to avoid vapor flows into vacuum pump and damage it; Once an failure appears, sound-light alarm and touch screen HMI shows possible failure reason, meanwhile, all air and water isolate valves auto close to maintain chamber pressure and protect your products.

The delicate designed touch screen HMI guarantees your drying data and drying steps that stored in HMI will not lose once a power outage, and the drying process will continue after power restoration. As well as, it supports operator modify the current-running freeze drying steps (when machine is in operation), system will auto execute the latest modified drying recipe.

The control interface has the functions of:

  • Graphic displays main components working status and key parameters.
  • Freeze drying recipes management.
  • Real-time freeze drying curve and historical curve review.
  • Drying data-logging and can be exported via USB.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic working.
  • Users and authorizations.
  • Sensors calibration.

High Automation and Labor Saving

All FDR models are equipped with our FD-MEGA controller Ver 2.0. The HMI interface enables you control all the key components On/Off and valves Open/Close through the touch screen, and real-time monitoring their work status. Which means during whole freeze drying process, nobody is needed go to technical room to do manual works.

All valves that use to isolate air and water are pneumatically operated, which includes vacuum pump anti suck back valve, vacuum release valve, condenser & chamber isolation valve, condenser defrost water supply, overflow and drain valve.

Model List

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