Food Freeze Dryer

50Kgs Commercial Food Freeze Dryer

Vekuma’s FD-5R freeze dryer is designed to process food products such as fruit, vegetables, prepared meals, meat, porridge and nutrients. The machine suits commercial heavy use and can apply to a variety of industries.

With FD-MEGA V2.0 control system equipped, the FD-5R food freeze drying equipment is high automation: After raw products are loaded into drying chamber, a click on touch screen HMI, the system will run as per pre-programmed steps, precise control shelf temperature, chamber pressure and set time of each step, until drying finish.

Also because of the motorized valves are installed for all air and water isolate, users no need go to technical room to do manual works, all processes are done through the HMI which installed in operation room such as vacuum release, defrost water supply and drain etc.

Technical Specifications

Model FD-5R
Shelves Area 4.86m2
Useable Shelves 9
Shelves Size 610*910mm
Shelves Temp. -35C~+100C
Condenser 50Kgs/24Hrs
Condenser Temp. -45C
Final Vacuum <0.15mBar
Power Install 15Kw
Size W/1300*L/3500*H/2000mm

Technical Description

  • All-include structure.
  • Ready to operate deliver.
  • PLC and HMI based control system, FD-MEGA V2.0 interface.
  • Cylindrical drying chamber, PUF insulation.
  • S/S304 drying chamber, anodized aluminum alloy shelves and trays.
  • S/S304 shelves and trays optional.
  • Hinged door with sightglass.
  • Heating and cooling shelves, temperature range -35C to +100C, variance <+/-2C.
  • Internal condenser, hot water defrost.
  • External ice condenser optional.
  • Screw type vacuum pump, system final vacuum <15pa.
  • 2-stage oil sealed vacuum pump optional.
  • Vacuum controllable as per set point.
  • Semi-hermetic compressor, water cooling method.

System Performance

  • Shelf cooling rate: >0.5C/Min
  • Shelf lowest: -35C
  • Shelf heating rate: >1C/Min
  • Shelf highest: +100C
  • Shelf temperature uniformity: <+/-2C
  • Condenser cooling: RT ~ -45C <30Min
  • Condenser lowest: -45C
  • Defrosting: <60Min (+65C Water)
  • Vacuumize to 100Pa: <60Min
  • Vacuum final: <15Pa
  • Leak rate <5Pa L/Sec
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