Pharmaceutical Lyophilizer

Commercial Scale Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

The FD-5LS medium capacity pharmaceutical freeze dryer is a commercial scale GMP lyophilizer, suit for industry large production. It has valid shelf area 5.4m2, and 50kgs vapor collect capacity in 24hrs.

The freeze dryer is entirely S/S316L fabricated, with CIP and SIP function, fully meet GMP. Control system is PC software and PLC based, which comply with FDA 21 CFR PART 11 guideline.

Technical Specifications

Shelves Area 5.4m2
Useable Shelves 5
Shelves Size 910*1210mm
Shelves Temp. -55C~+70C
Condenser 50Kgs/24Hrs, 100Kgs Total
Condenser Temp. -85C
Final Vacuum <0.01mBar
Power Install 35Kw
Size W/1750*L/4500*H/3200mm
Vials 2R/4R 21000
Vials 6R/8R 10800
Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer with CIP SIP
Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer with CIP SIP

Technical Description

  • Entirely S/S316L made.
  • GMP, FDA, GB150 compliant.
  • PC software, PLC and HMI based control system.
  • CIP clean in place system.
  • SIP sterilize in place system.
  • 2 chamber system, rectangular drying chamber and ice condenser.
  • Silicone oil based shelf temperature control system.
  • Sandwich type heat-plates, precise temperature control variance <+/-1C.
  • Pneumatic operated valves for air and water isolate.
  • Tailor made machine as per request.
  • IQ, OPQ and validation document supply.
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