General Purpose Freeze Dryer

Brief Introduction

Vekuma’s general purpose freeze dryer is a line of commercial freeze dryers that designed for a wide range of industrial lyophilization applications. The range lyophilizers perfect fit drying bulk materials such as bacterial, yogurt, nutrient, probiotics and heat sensitive ingredients.

  • Shelf Area: 4.8 to 48.6m2.
  • Condenser Capacity: 50Kgs to 500Kgs/24Hrs.

General Purpose Freeze Dryer


Vekuma’s FDL general purpose freeze dryers offer an almost unlimited amount of application possibilities. It allows products to be dried in material trays or in separated containers, and it fits various product forms (liquid, solid, paste, granular, irregular shape and bulk type etc.).

Drying Chamber of the FDL Freeze Dryer
Raw Material Dried in Separate Containers
Raw Material Dried in Material Trays

Technical Details

The FDL high-performance freeze dryer machines are designed for commercial and industrial large production. They deliver shelf area from 5 to 50 sq.m and condenser capacity up to 1000kgs to meet your needs.

Rectangular Drying Chamber for Ultimate Temperature Uniformity

The FDL general purpose freeze dryers feature rectangular drying chamber which has the highest space using rate (>90%), all heat-plates and product trays have the same size and evenly arranged in chamber, external of drying chamber wall, up to 150mm thick PUF is covered for insulation. Due to this, when sublimation starts, the shelves temperature variance is guaranteed <+/-1C, as well as the uniform temperatures throughout the drying chamber.

Exceptional temperature uniformity means the highest freeze dried quality. The proven advantage results the FDL freeze drying equipment are particularly fit freeze dry heat sensitive items such as bacteria, enzymes, probiotics, nutrients, reagents and serums.

Individual Ice Condenser For Better Hygiene

The vapor collect condenser of the FDL lyophilizer is external type, can be installed behind/beneath/lateral of the product chamber, connect to it by a stainless steel pipe, a pneumatic operated butterfly valve can be installed on the pipe for condenser isolate and to perform pressure rise test.

A group of stainless steel coils are installed inside condenser chamber to collect vapors, cooled by refrigerant direct expand and each compressor has independent circuit to guarantee the temperature uniformity. The coils surface area is designed 1:1 compare to shelf area, which result larger vapor collect capacity.

Modular Sub-systems Offer Tons of Benefit

Subsystems such as vacuum pumps, refrigeration compressors, heat transfer fluid pump and heaters are placed below and behind the condenser/chamber. Each sub-system as an individual module and linked together by the PLC. This design has been proved easy to install, maintain and future upgrade. A wide range of accessories and options can be selected to match the particular needs of customers.

Only the best material and strongest components are installed in FDL freeze drying equipment, and are international brands (for key components) and international standards (for pipes, flanges and fittings). So that you can be rest assured that the machine always in ready condition, and can always get prompt services if need.

Industrial Versatile Control System

PLC and user-friendly HMI based control system is applied to FDL commercial freeze dryer, to perform interlock checks, monitoring system working status, execute freeze drying processes and generate alarms. Which has the following functions.

  • Interlock checks and sound-light alarms.
  • Graphic displays system working status and key parameters.
  • Freeze drying recipes management.
  • Real-time freeze drying curve and historical trend review.
  • Drying data-logging and can be exported via USB.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic working.
  • Users and authorizations.
  • Sensors calibration.

Superior Quality and Performance Consistency

The FDL general purpose freeze dryers feature sturdy, stainless steel fabricated chamber and ice condenser, internal accessories like shelves, pipes and fittings etc. are made by S/S304 or 316L. Components that installed in sub-systems are from world top brands. Ultimate performance and long life guarantee.

  • Shelf cooling: +20C ~ -40C <60min
  • Shelf lowest: -50C (+/-2C)
  • Shelf heating: -40C ~ +20C <60min
  • Shelf highest: +70C (+/-1C)
  • Condenser cooling: RT ~ -40C <30min
  • Condenser lowest: <-75C
  • Vacuumize: ATM ~ 100Pa <30Min
  • Vacuum final: <1Pa

Easy Install and Commissioning

All the machinery that involved with the operation of the FDL freeze dryer is mounted on a steel frame, a thorough quality and performance test before it is shipped. Ready to operate after connect electric, compressor chilling water and compressed air.

The front door that use for product loading unloading is easy to integrate into clean room wall. Key components on/off and valves open/close is performed by the remote HMI. During freeze drying process, nobody is needed go to technical room to do manual works.

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