Pilot Production Freeze Dryer

Pilot Freeze Dryer Fit Clean Room Install

The clean room config. BFD-10 pilot freeze dryer is designed for laboratories and pilot plants that require a higher hygiene level. Machine front panel is mounted on clean room wall for product loading and unloading, machinery part will be installed in technical room. This design can minimum your install space and avoid noise.

The machine fits laboratory research, development, lyophilization optimisation and small batch testing. Its performance and control system is exactly same as commercial larger ones.

Technical Specifications

Model BFD-10 Clean Room
Shelf Area 0.94m2
Shelves No. 6+1
Shelves Size 350*450mm
Shelves Temp. -50C~+70C
Condenser 15Kgs/24Hrs, 30Kgs Total
Condenser Temp. -75C
Final Vacuum 0.01mbar
Power Install 7.5Kw
Size W/900*D/1600*H/1700mm

Technical Description

  • Stainless steel chamber, condenser, shelves, trays and accessories. Surface mirror polish Ra<0.6um.
  • Hinged, acrylic chamber door with lubricate free gasket.
  • Silicone oil based shelves, temperature controllable from -50C to +70C.
  • PID control of shelves temperature raise.
  • Condenser final -85C. Condenser auto defrost.
  • 2-stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump.
  • Pirani type vacuum sensor.
  • Vacuum adjustable.
  • Cascade refrigeration system, air cooling method.
  • PLC and HMI based control system.
  • Plenty of accessories options please check our catalog.
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