Pilot Production Freeze Dryers

Brief Introduction

Vikumer pilot production freeze dryers are designed for small diagnostic production, laboratory R&D and scale-up purpose.
The range lyophilizers provide up to 3m2 trays area and 50Kgs ice condenser capacity.

  • Shelf Area: 0.47 to 2.8m2.

  • Condenser Capacity: 15Kgs to 30Kgs/24Hrs.
Pilot Production Freeze Dryer

Technical Details

Vekuma’s BFD pilot production freeze dryers are entirely stainless steel finished, rugged, programmable freeze drying process controls and provide a variety of tailored options for your specific needs. For small volume trials and preparation of technology transfer to later commercial production, control functions and system performance are the keys of a pilot scale freeze drying unit. The BFD series freeze dryers offer the highest standards, same features as commercial larger ones and meet cGLP.

Typical applications for these freeze dryers include recipe development, process optimization, diagnostic production, small volume trials, laboratory R+D and scale-up. These units are designed all-include structure, all the machinery that involved with the operation of it is mounted on a steel frame in a powder coated cabinet, with wheels and brake.

BFD series pilot plant freeze dryers available in two different shelf configurations: Fixed shelves for freeze dry bulk materials which are loaded in trays; Stoppering shelves can flexibly move up or down, thus, it is adapt to vaccines and injection formulations which are loaded in vials, capable of capping the vials after being dried.

PLC Based Control System

These pilot plant freeze dryers are equipped with PLC module and user-friendly touch screen HMI, industrial grade, professional functions, accurate control freeze drying process to success any of your freeze drying tasks and provides data-logging functionality for audit trails.

  • Graphic displays main components working status and key parameters.
  • Freeze drying recipes management.
  • Real-time freeze drying curve and historical curve review.
  • Data-logging and can be exported via USB.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic working.
  • Users, level and password.
  • Probes and gauge calibration.
  • System alarms.
  • System settings.

Superior Quality and Performance Consistency

The BFD pilot freeze dryers feature sturdy, stainless steel fabricated chamber and ice condenser, PUF insulation, internal accessories like shelves, pipes and fittings etc. are made by S/S304 or 316L. Components that installed in sub-systems are from world top brands. Ultimate performance and long life guarantee.

  • Chamber inner wall roughness Ra<0.6um
  • Shelves flatness <0.5mm/m
  • Shelves roughness Ra<0.4um
  • Shelf cooling: +20C ~ -40C <60min
  • Cooling final: -55C (+/-2C)
  • Shelf heating: -40C ~ +20C <60min
  • Heating final: +70C (+/-1.5C)
  • Condenser inner wall roughness Ra<0.6um
  • Condenser coils roughness Ra<0.4um
  • Condenser cooling: RT ~ -40C <30min
  • Condenser final: -85C
  • Defrosting: <60Min
  • Vacuum final: <1Pa

Perfect As a Laboratory or a Pilot Unit

The Vekuma BFD series laboratory freeze dryer available in shelf area from 0.47m2 to 2.8m2, and has the similar technical features as the commercial larger ones. Which means they are versatile enough to handle a range of lab applications such as recipe development, process optimization, laboratory R+D, scale-up, clinical trials and small diagnostic production.

Vekuma’s BFD freeze dryer is a one-size-fits-all solution that can support you from lab investigation until to pilot production stage. Use only 1 machine to help you finish lab study, small batch trial and technology transfer. In addition, Vekuma provides tailor service for your specific needs.

Fully Assembled Deliver For Easy Installation

Each pilot lyophilizer is shipped with unitized sections assembled to minimize installation time. In addition, every freeze dryer processes strict quality and performance tests before it is shipped so you can quick start-up.

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