Ice Condenser Temperature The Colder The Better?

Not Always

It is true that a lower condenser can increase vapor collect capacity. But the temperature not the colder the better.

When configure the condenser system, temperature setting is according to raw product features. Normally, freeze dryer condenser temperature should 10 to 15C lower than raw product freezing point. So it can effective condensing sublimated water or solvent.

Ennergy Consumption

Once the condenser temperature is lower enough to trap the water or solvent in raw product, its meaningless to continue reduce. It can only waste your electric, but not speed up the lyophilization.

Moreover, the low temperature version compressor system cost a lot, whatever for investment or maintenance.

Proper Sized Condenser Is Ideal

Ice condenser is designed to handle the amount of vapor that come from raw product, and maintain the temperature. This is it.

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